Size guide for babies, toddlers and kids (girls and boys)

Use this chart to find sizes for all children both boys and girls, based on measurements in inches and weight in pounds. The T stands for Toddler.
US SizeAgeHeight, InchesWeight, pounds
PreemeeUp to 7lbsUp to 20.5Up to 7lbs
0-3M0-3 Months20.5-247-14
3-6M3-6 Months24-2714-18
6-9M6-9 Months27-2918-22
9-12M9-12 Months29-30.522-26
12-18M12-18 Months30.5-3226-28
18-24M18 - 24 Months32-33.528-30
2T2 Years33-3630-33
3T3 Years36-3933-36
4T4 Years39-4236-40
5T5 Years41-4439-45
2-3 (XXS)2-3 Years33-3930-36
4(XS)3-4 Years39-4236-40
5(S)4-5 Years42-4540-44
6(S)5-6 Years45-4844-52
6X/6H5-6 Years44-4752-62
7(M)6-7 Years48-5152-62
8(M)7-8 Years51-5462-74
10(L)8-9 Years54-5874-86
12(L)9-10 Years58-6086-98
14(XL)10-11 Years60-6298-110
16(XXL)11-12 Years62-65110-120
18(XXXL)12-13 Years64-65.5120-125